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Our standards of ethics and integrity are larger than light. This commitment to ethics and integrity is embraced at the highest levels of management. Our Board of Directors sets a high standard for our employees, our officers, our contractors and for the directors themselves.

All employees and contractors are required to comply with the Policies for Ethical Conduct. Our internal audit group reports to the Board of Directors and assists the Board in overseeing daily activities and ensuring compliance with corporate policies.

We maintain a system for the confidential, anonymous submission, and the subsequent treatment of complaints and reports from employees and third parties regarding accounting, internal controls and ethical conduct matters.


We're privileged to work with a team that's larger than light.

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Ethical Conduct

Learn about the values we're committed to.

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FERC Standards of Conduct

Federal regulations that we follow.

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We Don’t Just Power Your Lights,
We Power The Moments You Call Life.

One More Reason We’re Larger Than Light.

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