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We make the process of changing service almost as easy as flipping a switch.

Start Service

To start your new service, please fill out the online form.

Online Start Service

Transfer Service

Fill out the online form to transfer service to your new address.

Online Transfer Service

Stop Service

To stop your current service, please fill out the online form.

Online Stop Service

Please Note:

If the service is currently OFF at the location you are requesting new service, please ensure that the main breaker at this location is in the OFF position. For safety reasons, service will not be connected until the main breaker is in the OFF position. Please also make sure DLC has access to your meter. Once your order is completed, be sure to flip your main breaker back ON, or put the main fuse back IN.

We Don’t Just Power Your Lights,
We Power The Moments You Call Life.

One More Reason We’re Larger Than Light.

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